Vavilova house

It is located in the picturesque suburb of Vladivostok (just 30 km from the city), the estate is an affordable place for various events for residents of the city, the region, as well as foreign visitors: residents of Japan, Korea, China, the United States of America and many other countries.
The history of this wonderful place began in 1934, when a large family of immigrants was given a dilapidated house-fanza and a hectare of land. A year later the family made a garden. The house was repaired and healed there a family of 9 people: father, mother, grandmother and 6 children - 2 daughters and 4 brothers.  The years went by, full of hard work and deprivation. But the children grew up, the head of the family managed to finish the Institute, becoming a civil engineer, but the love for the land, memories of the gardens of childhood and youth awakened desires in the far East, in the new homeland, to grow a magical, wonderful garden, such as he grew up in his native Poland. And since then, the family that owns the family nest, only improves the appearance of his estate. During these long years, they have built an extraordinary mansion with the traditional architecture of the noble era; and also developed a beautiful garden that attracts tourists from all over Russia. Among other advantages of the estate Vavylove features and breathtaking views of the Amur Bay - the real pride of all people in our territory!
Vavilova Tamara Grigoryevna is the owner of the estate for almost ten years and her friendly team have been reviving the classics of Russian hospitality on the territory of this beautiful estate.