Dacha tour

You will get a great experience at our Dacha tour and feel the classics of Russian hospitality.

At the small site of land, situated 30 kilometers from the Vladivostok, the owners made so nice garden with many kinds of flowers, fruit trees, a lot of kind of berries, vegetables -you will get a chance to try organic products and enjoy amazing taste of berries by the season – cherry, strawberry, blueberry, black currant, raspberry and etc.

Typical small house and cozy pavilion where you can have tasty lunch from the garden products or we can do food master class on a fresh air – borsch, ukha, potato with mushrooms, Russian pancakes, vinegret salad, olivie salad, potato pancakes.

Also the hosts making homemade liquor, you will be very excited from the unique  berry taste of it.

By the end of the tour you will enjoy homemade tea in Samovar (russian pot) with organic jams from the garden.

Fresh air, abundance of flowers, nice view and lots of hospitality wait for you in our dacha with very friendly hosts.

Also by the season you can try to gather mushrooms and fern.

Duration - 3-4 hour with transfer.

Price depends from the options of the tour.