Ussuriysk tour

Ussuriysk is a city in the Primorye territory of Russia, the second largest and most important city in the region after Vladivostok. Ussuriysk is known not only as the most important transport center of the region; it has a long history and is surrounded by extremely beautiful nature. A small cozy and green Ussuriysk keeps the features of a quiet and fairly well maintained provincial Russian city.

Ussuriysk was built by Russian people on the site of the ruins of the medieval Jurchen fortress and boasts more than 200 years of history. Artifacts and documents in the expositions of local museums, ancient monuments preserved on the streets of the city can tell you about it. In the historical center, which citizens call the "Old city", or "New Arbat", preserved buildings of the late XIX – early XX century. The beautiful facades of restored buildings, painted in pastel colors and decorated with towers and spires, look very attractive, giving the center of Ussuriysk the charm of the pre-revolutionary era.

Near Ussuriysk you can find several beautiful parks, clean lakes where you can sunbathe and swim in the summer. The city's surroundings are incredibly picturesque with their magnificent natural landscapes, coniferous and deciduous forests, and mountain rivers. Just 50 km from the city is located the famous Ussuri reserve, where rare species of animals live, including the famous Ussuri tiger, and 70 km from the city located the Park "Land of the leopard".

The oldest, most striking and unusual attraction of Ussuriysk is the Jurchen stone turtle - a historical monument Dating from the XII-XIII centuries. This archaic statue of a turtle, carved in a granite slab, was found during excavations on the territory of the fortifications of the medieval city of Suibin, conducted in the 60s of the last century. An identical granite turtle discovered during the survey was sent to a Museum in Khabarovsk.

According to historians, the turtle, which represented eternity in the view of the Jurchens, could be a sacred element of the burial complex of one of the Jurchen military leaders. This ancient monument can be seen in the city Park DORA (House of Officers of the Russian army).

It is interesting to look at the local history Museum of Ussuriysk. It is located in a beautiful historical building of the former parochial school. Its small exhibition, which can fit in three rooms, introduces visitors to the history of Ussuriysk, from the era of the Bohai state to the present.

In Ussuriysk you will see life of small provincial city with quit long history. People here do not rush, live simple lifes in the beautiful place.

See you in Ussuriysk!